What's the deal with Paleo, anyway?

Maybe you’re completely new to the scene or you’ve gone Paleo for some time now…Either way, you might have some questions about this whole Paleo thing.


Right off the bat, you should understand that Paleo is way more than just healthy eating. It’s not some short-term, crash diet designed to make you lose a few pounds (although that is one of the many benefits of Paleo).


It’s an awesome, lifelong journey that will take you to unexpected places and you’ll LOVE it every step of the way! You may have heard it being called as a “caveman diet”, but that’s a vast oversimplification. You’re not going to wolf down unholy amounts of meat and animal fat, or turn into a carb-hating shadow of your former self.

Paleo eaters love a healthy serving of fruits, veggies, seafood, and nuts too! Sure, the roots of the modern Paleo movement go back to the Paleolithic era, but that’s only a starting point. Backed by current research, Paleo has now turned into a template for healthy living.


And to do that, you’ll need to eat real, honest-to-goodness, body nourishing food. That means cutting out anything that messes with your immune system, digestion and metabolism. And don’t worry about losing any of that wonderful flavor either.


Paleo is big on using fresh, seasonal, and whole ingredients, so you’re never short of tasty options. Best of all, not all Paleo diets are created equal. For instance, some folks prefer a little bit of carbs or dairy in their eating plan, while others work better without them completely.


Point is, you’re still on the right track as long as you stick to the basics! That means you won’t be deprived in the least bit when you make the switch to Paleo. It’s just a matter of rethinking your approach on food and how to prepare it. After that, you’ll have a mind-blowing world of benefits to look forward to!


Making The Switch: What To Avoid


Since Paleo isn’t some trendy diet of the month, you’ll have to cut out some stuff that you’ve probably been used to eating for a long time. But trust us, your body will thank you for making this first step. Ready? Here we go… Gluten, processed oils, and refined Sugar are the Top 3 things you should immediately cross off your food list.


Why? Well, from an evolutionary standpoint, humans simply aren’t built to process modern food. It’s no accident that illnesses affecting our cardiovascular health and immune system have spiked alongside the rise of processed, mass-produced food. The world has changed at a frighteningly exponential rate in such a short span of time.


So our species is still struggling to catch up as far as our dietary needs are concerned. You may surf the web, travel in airplanes, send messages instantly across the globe, but your body is stuck in a different time period. As incredibly complicated the human body is, it’s basically an outdated model in the 21st century.


Our biological makeup is designed to thrive in an environment going back 200,000 years ago. That said, you’ll need to consume essentially the same thing our ancestors did: meat, plants and seafood. To keep it simple, here’s a quick list of other foods to avoid:

Cereal grains

Wheat, brown rice, millet, rice, barley, oats, rye, triticale, sorghum, and maize (corn)


Soy Beans, Lentils, Peas, Peanuts, Chickpeas.

Vegetable Seed Oils

Sunflower oil, Canola oil, and Sesame oil.

Processed foods

Bacon, Granola Bars, Instant Ramen, Dried Fruits, Frozen Dinners

Refined sugar

Candy, Soda, Cereals, Ketchup, Cake


Cheese, milk, yoghurt that are high in casein and lactose

What we love

Now we get to the good stuff! We can’t possibly list all of the yummy Paleo foods we love. (There’s just too many of them!) But quite simply, you should stick to vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs and fruit. Oh and don’t forget to include healthy fats in your diet. These foods are nutrient dense and our bodies love them!

Grass-fed meats

Beef, pork, lamb, veal, rabbit, goat, sheep, bison, wild boar.

Fresh vegetables

Avocados, Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Arugula


Chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs.

Fresh fruits

Bananas, apples, oranges, berries, plantains, grapefruit, pears


Salmon, tuna, trout, bass, Crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops


Pistachios, sesame seeds, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia

And that pretty much covers it.

To start cooking up a storm of healthy, life-enhancing meals for your family, friends and yourself, click here to check out our recipes now!


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