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Over the past 3 years, the Yum Paleo team have joined forces with Dr. Eric Wood, ND, to create an extensive Paleo recipe vault that combines mouth watering meals with never-seen-before breakthrough dietary science, to create a system that enables stunning health results...

This is an opportunity for your readers to improve their overall health, and shed pounds whilst enjoying delicious food. No gimmicks, just a scientifically proven system that literally sells itself. 

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The Yum Paleo VIP Membership Includes


  • Full access to the VIP Recipe Vault (containing over 100 recipe videos, instructions, and ingredient lists).
  • Dr Eric Wood's "Scientific Fat Loss" system 
  • "The 12 Week Paleo Transition Guide"
  • "Secrets of Eternal Youth"
  • "Metabolic Boosting Secrets" video series
  • The "Think Weight Away" weight-loss hypnosis course


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